Gekko Vitta LVT

Why the Buzz?

  • Patented SETAGRIP™ suction grip technology installs over existing floor (NO adhesive, glue, tape or mechanical click necessary)
  • Lifetime Commercial Warranty
  • Easy to remove and reuse
  • Sound insulated, waterproof, easy maintenance
  • LVT Product Flooring Solution

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Size: 7.25” x 48”
Thickness: 4 mm with a 22 mil commercial wear layer
Construction: Engineered Multi-Layer LVT: SETAGRIP™ Vacuum Suction Layer, Vinyl Core Backing Layer, High Definition Image Layer, Super Clear Wear Layer
Finish: Crosslinked Urethane Coating with Ceramic Bead Reinforcement Finish


Suction grip over existing floor (NO adhesive, glue, tape or mechanical click necessary)


Step-by-Step Guide 1-10
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Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Acclimate

Place your Setagrip cartons in the installation room for 24 hours or when the Setagrip floors are within 3 degrees of the room temperature. You should stack no more than 5 cartons high and keep the cartons at least 6 inches apart

2. Gather

You will need a cleaning supplies, a straight edge, pencil, utility knife & a pry bar if you want to remove an existing wall base.

3. Remove

If you want to remove an existing wall base, score along the top edge of the wall base with a utility knife and use a pry bar to remove it from the wall. Or you can leave the existing wall base and use a quarter round as the final step to cover up the edges.

4. Clean

Vacuum, flat mop, or wet Swiffer to get your floor clean and dry.

5. Place

Find the longest straight wall to begin placing planks and work toward the other end. You can install multiple rows, up to 4 at once to speed up the process. Make sure to remove the release liner of the Setagrip which protects it from dirt and impurities before installing.

6. Stagger

Make sure to offset the end joints of each planks at least 6 inches for the most natural appearance.

7. Cut

When you get to the end, make a cut on the plank using your straight edge or another plank. Use the leftover piece to begin the next row.

8. Complete

When you get to the final row, lay a new plank directly over the adjacent piece. Use your pencil and straight edge to draw a line and cut a piece that will fit against the end wall.

9. Secure

Walk all over the floors to secure the Setagrip bond and adhere the floor.

10. Finish

Finish the edges by re-installing the wall base or installing a quarter round if necessary.

11. Enjoy

Immediately after laying the last board, you can decorate your room and enjoy it immediately.

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